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The Icon Bar: The Playpen: How likely is it that...
  How likely is it that...
  adrianl (02:02 21/5/2018)
  VincceH (08:57 21/5/2018)
Adrian Lees Message #124286, posted by adrianl at 02:02, 21/5/2018
Posts: 1571
...your constant neediness is annoying and apt to lose you custom?

'you would recommend...'
'We want your feedback..'
'We want to be liked..'

I used to express my support for a company/website just by going back because they had offered good and timely service in the past.
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VinceH Message #124287, posted by VincceH at 08:57, 21/5/2018, in reply to message #124286
Lowering the tone since the dawn of time

Posts: 1590
It's the feedback one that annoys me.

The desire to be liked usually manifests itself as buttons (potentially allowing you to be tracked by data slurping companies like Facebook, but good cookie management FTW).

And recommendations are usually on product pages, but further down.

In both cases, they don't interfere with anything for me.

The feedback request, though, has a nasty habit of coming in the form of a horrible pop-up that gets in the way, and appears soon after you arrive - so assists in the formation of a negative early impression of the site.

On the rare occasions I've responded it's because they've annoyed me so much I want to make sure the site (or whoever they're paying to provide the feedback service) knows how annoying it is. Even if it does fall on deaf ears.
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The Icon Bar: The Playpen: How likely is it that...

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